Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Betty Is Back!

And she's early! For anyone who hasn't seen the adverts running on Channel 4 at the moment, well you clearly avoid the channel like the plague as it seems to be running in every bloody break, Ugly Betty season two returns to the station on Friday 5th October at 9pm. Which means we will be just two episodes behind the USA airings, so it will be a lot easier to avoid spoilers. Most importantly it's like just over a week away!!!!!! I do hope more Channels take note of Sky One and Channel 4's new strategy for airing US shows and follow suit! The thought of a six month break before Dexter returns is killing me!

Blast From The Past

Just browsing Amazon and came across the complete series box set of Dawson's Creek for an amazing price of £59! I've been re watching episodes of this late nighties classic on Five the last couple of weeks and have been fondly reminising over the things I loved about the show back when! OK so the "kids" dialogue may engage in what sounds like manic hyperbolic outbursts at the best of times and a load of old bollocks at the worst, but the show really had something. Treating the characters with self awareness and respect meant they never felt two dimensional and while most will dismiss the show as simple teen soap, I would fight hammer and tooth with anyone who would compare the Creek to the over stylised, emptiness of the O.C, although I will take this moment to admit that even the O.C had it's moments of genius! If this is a show that passed you by, or you were too young to appreciate it when it aired, do yourselves a favour and snap this up!

Tuesday, 25 September 2007

New Tv coming to DVD

A host of new TV shows are coming out on DVD this Monday, so keep your eyes out and your wallets lubricated for the following.

24 Season 6-I would however avoid this one, by far the worst season!
The IT Crowd Series 2-A funny if uneven show from Channel 4.
Heroes Season 1 Part 1-Once again we in the UK are being treated to a half season box set, for what ever reason this may be, Universal ripping us off, or because the BBC are only half way through, this sucks big time, we'll end up paying over £50. Do yourselves a favour and check out the region 1 box set from cdwow. If however, importing scares you and you are foolish enough to have missed this the first time round, then this is a show that's clearly worth the cash, plus there's always renting! Whatever it takes check it out!

Reality TV Overload!!

Last night saw a reality TV overload as Hells Kitchen USA and America's Next Top Model returned with a just a pinch of nuttiness being delivered by both shows, maybe make that a big hearty dollop!

Firstly the ever entertaining Gordon Ramsey took centre stage for a two hour premier of Hells Kitchen USA. After two hours of enough f-words to make even Joe Pesci blush, I felt like I had been shown everything that goes in to making Hells Kitchen tick, except the bloody cooking! It was a highly entertaining start though, although why Rock didn't put the crying cowboy up for elimination when he had the chance is simply beyond me!

Next up was the return of America's Next Top Model to living. Now in its eighth season I still enjoy the hell out of this show. The first episode is always the same, a barrage of screaming girls who have thrown up everything they have ever eaten get to tell Tyra just how pretty she is and how amazing it is just to bask in her presense. Then they all make jokes about some bitches weave, someone has an awful story to tell about their childhood, and finally Tyra makes the political judgement to put two, yes count them, that's two plus sized models through to the competition, content in the knowledge that those fat bitches will be out of there by week four and they can get down to the real business.

All in all an entertaining night, with small waists and BIG egos!!